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Low-Fat Egg White Sandwich


Calories: 253

Protein: 20.5g

Carbs: 29.5g

Fat: 6.2g


3.5 oz egg whites (~3 eggs)

1/2 Tbs guacamole

1 Tbs Light Sour Cream

3 Tbs white onion & jalapeño (Optional- not included in macros)

1 Fat Free Cheese Slice

2 Slices Great White Sandwich Bread


1️. Crack the eggs whites into a bowl and season with salt and pepper

Note** add onions and/or jalapeños at this point, if preferred

2️. Mix eggs and pour into a pan on medium- heat

3️. While eggs are cooking, lightly toast bread slices in toaster for 2-3 minutes

4️. When the eggs begin to solidify, flip completely and cook for 2 more minutes and remove from heat

5️. Once off the heat, fold omelette in half and then in half again

** This will help fit the size of your bread

6️. Take the bread and spread guacamole on one slice and sour cream on other slice, then place cheese as well

7️. Place folded egg on top of cheese, drizzle sriracha hot sauce (optional), top with other bread slice, then cut and serve!

From the team of Smackin’ Macros! :)

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